Our pieces are made with a delicate mix of vintage beads, semi-precious and Swarovski crystals, vintage buttons, brooches, bits and bobs to create unique, dramatic and often eccentric neck pieces, earrings and bracelets.

Adornment is how we express who we are. Again in our studio we create and handcraft one of a kind pieces with a unique aesthetic.

When an item is made by hand, it holds the Spirit of the maker and it whispers whimsical stories to your Soul.

What would Frida Kahlo do???
I sat down to an array of beautiful beads today, a palette of gorgeous colour . I'm blessed to work with all these magnificent hue's, after all I'm channelling success, passion and strength into every creation.

Where to start?? Whenever I'm putting new jewels together I always pose the same question " what would Frida do?". It works for me and before I know it I'm on a roll. I like to think she's sitting beside me guiding my choices!